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"What IS it...?"

Oh, but this was just too funny. If I knew how to post a photograph in here, I would, even though it's a very very bad frantically quick snapshot - but it was just too funny. This young buck came to scarf up the spilled birdseed outside my office, as deer often do around here, and my funny little cat dropped his jaw and went, "Mmrrrowww? Mrrowwww??? MMRRROW?" and started rubbing against the glass doors, flirting with the damned deer if you don't mind, rearing up against the glass and pressing his nose against it mrrrrowwwing all the time - until the deer stepped up on the paved area just outside the doors and went nose to nose with the cat looking very puzzled and taken aback. The attitude of both the animals was REALLY just "What IS it?" And there they were in the end, large deer with antlers growing in and small fuzzy black-and-white cat, staring each other in the eye through the sliding doors for a full two or three minutes.

Oh God, I love living here...

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