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Some people spam to sell stuff.

Some people spam to phish for information so that they can steal stuff. Some people are just clueless.

And then there's the guy who produced this gem:

An usually fashionable crank case A stoic turkey reads a magazine,
and a blithe spirit panics; however, the mysterious skyscraper writes
a love letter to another turn signal. If a graduated cylinder
requires assistance from a carelessly mitochondrial wedding dress,
then a somewhat cantankerous fruit cake goes to sleep. The bullfrog
living with a ski lodge derives perverse satisfaction from the
obsequious tape recorder. A recliner ignores a false particle
accelerator, because an abstraction knows an outer roller coaster.
When you see the chess board, it means that the insurance agent

I ask you, why? What possible reason could there be for sending out a million pieces of nonsense...?

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