anghara (anghara) wrote,

This is kind of eerie...

Mount St helens is kind of quietly growling away to itself - growing lavadomes in the crater and everything. APparently they have a remtoe camera up there, and someone cobbled together a short "movie" from several stills, with an effect like you used to get if you fanned a stack of cards with a stick figure in various poses and got a sense of the stick figure "moving". Except that here... it's the *rock that is growing*. Take a gander:

(Warning - those with dial-up connections might want to be careful)

Wheesh. I always thought volcanoes were weird things, and the idea of rock flowing like water gives me the heebie jeebies - but this, this is honest-to-god visual stuff from a distance to which I'd have to be trussed up like a turkey and taken to kicking and screaming to be at such close range to a live volcano. It's terrifyingly fascinating, though.

I actually wrote a partial for a novel in which a volcano plays a major part. I might have to dust that off and have a look at it again. Nothing like writing about something that scares you to produce emotional oomph in fiction...
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