anghara (anghara) wrote,

Question #3

miketo asks:

If you were to create an artist's enclave / commune, how would it work and who would you invite? (Oy, two questions. If you pick only one, pick the first one.)

That ain't fair, it ain't making me dream up utopias... [grin]

It would consist of people passionate about their art, and probably a mix of those - painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, all mixed up and stirred well and seasoned with a love for whatever it is that they were doing. There would be individual cottages, funky ones with lots of nooks and crannies and plenty of light for the more visual souls who need it to create, but there would also be a communal eating place where a gourmet cook would be on duty to create nourishment for those who will not or cannot cook or have serious doubts about how poisionous a widl mushroom is and don't want to find out the hard way. There would a wholly optional gathering every day at twilight where you could go and grab a glass of chilled white wine, or mulled red wine, or hot chocolate, or whatever the season demanded (coffee, of course, would be free and always on tap), and basically just talk (or not talk, just listen) to or with other other people who are doing something. There would be just enough momentum created for the creative juices to be flowing, not too much so that everything turns into a competition. There would be celebrations every time one of us had a success; there would be "pickpyourself-up-dust-yourself-off-start-all-over-again" wakes for projects that didn't quite make it to the finish line. There would be a sense of living with a family that you have CHOSEN to be your family.

I'd probably appoint a non-creative type - lawyer, accountant, suchlike - to run the business end of the community - I know I have enough trouble with figures, and my own life has been transformed by the presence in it of a profressional accountant who deals with taxes. (I DO recommend it [grin])Other than that, minor decisions are everyone's on their own, major decisions get put to a vote. Other than THAT, your only responsibility would be to your art.

I TOLD you it was Utopia.

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