anghara (anghara) wrote,

Question #1

kaigou asks:
Have you ever sat down to read someone else's novel,gotten frustrated with it at any point, and said: I can do so much better than this -- and then considered filing off the serial numbers and doing just that?

(And alternately, if I've ever read a book and thought you could do the story far more justice, could I tell you the book and have you have a go at it?)

To part the first - oh GOD yes, or at least the beginning of that. The deeper I wade into writing the more annoyed I get with certain things that I never even noticed before - but that's what happens when you hone your instincts when practising a craft. I've gotten frustrated with any number of books in this manner, some of them proven best-sellers which made their authors independently wealthy... but in the end the "filing off of serial numbers" is something I did do back in the days of my writing infancy when I was writing things like [cough, cough] Star Trek fanfic, and then Star Trek fanfic with the serial numbers filed off, practice, practice, practice... but since that time, I've had more than enough of my own ideas. I still get frustrated, but the response is more to stop reading that which frustrates me rather than trying to "fix" it.

To part the second...I'd appreciate the compliment, I really would, but, er, those extra six hours a day I want for Christmas...? If you can't deliver those, then it's nothing doing, sorry - well, those, and possibly a publisher interested in the end product... right now I have one novel under contract to finish writing, and there's another waiting right after that just cooling its heels in impatience - I'm too busy WRITING to do REWRITING...

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