anghara (anghara) wrote,

I'd like to reiterate... I"ve already mentioned in my response to someone else's set of replies to The 70 Questions Meme that's doing the rounds in LJ right now...

...I think I shall refrain. It is probably unnecessary in the extreme for the world at large to find out what I wear to go to sleep in, or my replies to other questions of that ilk. And yes, for the record, when the phone rings I WOULD like it to be my agent (as everyone with an agent would, naturally) but then that is hardly a revelation. So my replies would probably range from Everyone Knows THis Already to Too Much Information THank You, and I shall sit back and remain a mystery.

That said, and having just reiterated that I intend to draw a discreet veil over things that nobody really needs to know, I give anyone who really really REALLY has a burning question ONE free pass. No, dang it, I give the first five people to respond to this one free pass. Gimme a question, and if the answer is remotely interesting I undertake to give you a full answer right here on this here blog.

The countdown starts... now.
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