anghara (anghara) wrote,

Happy Friday the 13th!

Hope everyone has petted a black cat today...

In the mailbox, the author's copies of the Portuguese edition of "Jin Shei", and a very beautiful book it is too. It's just that it's so FRUSTRATING, being almost almost *almost* but not quite able to understand the blurb in the back, which sounds like it's absolutely beautiful stuff but there's this obstinate veil of not-quite-comprehension between me and it... argh. But they're pretty, they're REALLY pretty, they used my favourite cover art (the US hardcover pensive young woman with a spray of delicate orinetal flowers) and I am a little flabbergasted at the sheer speed at which this book was bought, translated, and released by the Portuguese publisher. I'm also told some long-owing money is in the mail to me too - which is always nice to hear. So that was the GOOD stuff that happened today.

I got the usual bills, too. That would be the BAD stuff. I think it's a sort of rite of passage, growing up, when you get your first bills - you feel all adult and responsible and whoa, I have my own utilities, and all like that - but MAN, when they keep coming every time you think you've cleared your desk... sigh.

So. There. Day in a nutshell - went grocery shopping for us and for critters (those pesky birds adn squirrels are eating me out of house and home, but they are SO worth it when they put on the Breakfast Show in the mornings), went to post office, came home. I still need to get stuck into some serious review work, I have three or four books on which reviews are owing to SFSite and at least two more I"m in the middle of reading (Hi, matociquala!), and shortly we are to start planning on WFC and all that entails, even if I DON'T get on the programming this year...

So - that-s the headlines. Now lemme go back and poke at my Portuguese book again for a bit. These foreign editions are fascinating for me...
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