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Odd fragmented kind of day, this. Got up, paid bills, packed up my Polish contracts to send back to the agent, went to post office to deal with all this mail, went out to a very pleasant lunch with a local and very newly formed freelancers' group (it's pretty much a social affair, by-nature-solitary writers getting together to eat - we all have to eat! - and bitch at each other about deadlines or crow about successes.

After lunch, popped into my accountant's offices (they are a block away from the place where the lunch date was had), discovered he was out of the office until Thursday which is the day I leave for VCon and a weekend in Vancouver, which means that I have to postpone talking to him until at least next week. Then we made a detour into Discount Tires because we wanted to look into replacing ours, discovered that we could get a very good deal right there and then, and drove out of there twenty five minutes later with a set of four new tires on the car. Then picked up mail (in which there was nothing of major importance), stopped off at the local hairdresser's to make appointment for rdeck's periodic beard trim (he's starting to look like Father Christmas again and we can't have that before Halloween...), came home, sent off a query about a travel article to a personal contact who had invited me to talk to her about possibilities back in August, and am now sitting back and watching twilight fall over my woods.

Tomorrow I am supposed to be phoned up in the morning from the UK for a phone interview, so there goes the morning, trying to wait out the time difference and second-guessing when I'll be required - then I have to pop round to my parents in the afternooon; Thursday we're having pre-con dinner in Vancouver with friends, and then it's go go go again until Sunday, and then I REALLY have to get with the program and finish up all those books I owe reviews to SFSite for. ANd there's a handful.

And sometime very soon I have to start reading for book 3 of the trilogy, like, seriously. You know, taking notes, stuff like that.

And after this weekend there still remain two conventions and a writing workshop to go before the end of the year. And next year I'm already committed to at least three cons. Sigh. More flapping around the continent without benefit of toothpaste...

I feel the urge to write something, though. I've been lolling around doing all sorts of other things for far too long. I've scratched that itch a little bit with the Alaska write-up but I need to delve into fiction again. And soon. Real soon...

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