anghara (anghara) wrote,

All pictures finally sorted...

It took a while. I didn't have a concept of just how MANY photos there are in 1300 individual shots, until I had to look at them all to classify and annotate them. Puff puff pant pant and all that.

When I have my breath back I will go pick out a few more for the Alaska Gallery - I'll give y'all a heads up when I do that, in case you want to mosey over and have another look.

I did good. I did astonishingly good, now that I've looked at all the pics. Some of them are your actual photohgraphic work of art.

I'm thinking of matting a few of 'em and putting them up for sale (hey, Christmas is coming - nothing like a truly personalised present, eh?). Hint: the ones in the Gallery are not the best ones. they're random shots from the various subfolders. The Glacier Bay and Denali pictures are... occasionally breathtaking. If anyone thinks they might be interested, gimme a holler.

Going out now, to deal with stuff.Good GOD, I spent the whole day working on this stuff...

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