anghara (anghara) wrote,

What to do, what to do....

See, here's the thing.

I'm going on a Trip. I'm taking a Serious Camera. I intend to shoot pics, as much as I can, in the RAW format rather than the JPG, because I've been told (and shown, graphically!) that I have that much more control over the RAW product in the end. I am taking GIGABYTES of memory cards (at least 10) but the RAW images are up to 2 megs each and that adds up.

Now - quandary - to take laptop with me for the purposes of downloading, or not?...

The pros: I KNOW I'll never run out of "shooting room"; I'll be able to see the pics that I've taken in a medium more able to tell me something about their actual quality than peering at them at the LCD screen on the back of the camera; I will have the laptop for other things, like perhaps finding a WiFi somewhere on the way.

Cons: good GOd, do I have to mention the drama of travelling with a laptop? It isn't just the security hassles (take it out of its bag just in case it isn't actually a laptop at all...) it's the fact that it has to go everywhere with me because otherwise it has a "steal me" sign hanging over its little head. It's also that I'll already be loaded down with one piece of hand-carried piece of luggage marked "fragile" - the camera bag and the lenses. And there's the fact that while we WOULD squeak in at the two-pieces-of-hand-luggage-and-that-includes-womens's-handbags carry-on rule, seeing as there's two of us travelling, the fact remains that there's only one person who'll be actually CARRYING said hand luggage. Me. rdeck will have a cane and will have to worry about walking on uneven surfaces and his sense of balance isn't quite back to normal anyway - how could it be when one side of you isn't functioning properly? So if I take the laptop it'll be my handbag + laptop case + camera case + one other piece of handluggage (we need it, there's medicines that need to be carried, and all that) PLUS one large to-be-checked suitcase for the two of us which won't be a problem all the time but which will still need lugging to and from places where it will be taken over by the folks who deal with such stuff. And it'll ALL be up to me to drag around.

So - any thoughts? D'you all think I should skip the laptop?...

Yours, in confused anticipation -
Tags: travel troubles

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