anghara (anghara) wrote,

I am a writer and I must scream...

From an interview on the Sci Fi Wire site ... re sequel to the Merlin miniseries:

'Wu admitted that he faced other challenges making the sequel. "The first one was so good, with such top-notch actors, an A-list cast, and with all the visual effects and special effects," he said. "Hallmark wanted to make the sequel, but with way less budget and less effects and less stars, and so I planned it out. So since we have fewer stars and less budget, we really focused and concentrated on the storytelling, which is between the apprentice and Merlin.'

Aw, diddums. We have no budget for fudging our inadequacies by blinding the audience with the brightness of celeebrity actors or the flimflam of special effects, so we have to, you know, actually do some WORK and focus on the STORYTELLING.

{growl growl growl growl growl]

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