anghara (anghara) wrote,

Hello and goodbye from Worldcon...

We're leaving for home tomorrow morning, but there has been neither time nor money (access is PRICEY here, dammit) nor opportunity to post here in between times. Full report when I get home, but so far I can report that at least one dealer in the dealers room sold out of "Jin Shei", which is good - okay, so they only had about ten or so, but hey, ten sales over three days is okay. And if they had more, they would have probably sold those too. Sigh. Also, I am about to go and do a signing... sitting next to Harlan Ellison. I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or run for cover...

Tonight I'm goofing off and going to Disneyland. Tomorrow morning we're flying home.

These couple of days flashed by so fast that I do believe that there's a space time anomaly (all together: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEGH!) operating somewhere in the halls of this convention... more anon. I'm at an Internet connectivity point, and there's twenty people waiting, and the rest will have to wait until I get home - until then, farewell...
Tags: worldcon
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