anghara (anghara) wrote,

We're Heeeeere....

...and of course the first thing I do (after running into twenty familiar faces within the first ten minutes of arriving at the hotel) is find a computer and dive in.

Two things.

I'm NEVER driving in Southern California (Ye Gods! Six lane highways! Drivers who have no idea what the designers put the flickers on their cars for, other than to look pretty as a desing feature - changing lanes is done at random and pretty much whenever anyone appears to feel like it!)

It's HOT.

Well, three things, really - I'm gonna be busy from sunup to sundown over the next few days. Yes, well, it's WOrldcon, innit, stands to reason, I guess - but I'll barely have time to draw breath. I just sat down and drew up my actual schedule, and by the time we leave here on Sunday I'll probably be gibbering with overload. But it's only once a year. We can manage that.

Had a wonderful impromptu dinner with batwrangler and her friend whose LJ handle I didn't catch. Have breakfast and dinner dates for most days of the con, but if anyone wants to "do lunch" I'm still open for one or two of those assuming I"m not at a panel or staffing some table or other. Ye gods. I wonder when I"ll even have the chance to pop into the art show.

Puff puff pant pant.

Well, now that I've discovered this place, it's possible I"ll sneak down here when I have five free minutes and update ever so often - and those of you who aren't around to read the stuff are probably wandering the halls of the Hilton at this point so I'll run into YOU sooner or later.

PS I brought all this CHOCOLATE. And door prizes. Cooooooome to my reeeeeeaaaaaaddddiiiiiiiingg....
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