anghara (anghara) wrote,

I have a cartload of things to do before we leave for Worldcon tomorrow..., naturally, I am here, blogging.

I've cleared the decks, quite literally - I spent a lot of yesterday hip-deep in papers, sorting them out, which printout beolonged with which notes for which novel, gathering up all the addresses I have accumulated along the way and putting them in my address book, sorting out travel arrangements for both thiupcoming con and the Alaska trip after that (cruises are complicated), etcetera. I've got a clean desk and what remains to be done is to check in to my flight via the web and I'm kinda sorted out at that end - this afternoon I have to go to the bank and get some actual, yanno, MONEY which might be useful on a trip away from home and go and mail a sheaf of bills and tell the mail guy to hold our mail for a week while we're worldconning, and then mom is coming in later today to house- and cat-sit. All very efficient and organized but this means my head is in the ARRANGEMENT space and not con space. I guess I"ll have to get into the ZOne, as it were, when I'm twiddling my thumbs on the plane tomorrow. The good news is that I have a teetering pile of giveaway stuff - you know, fliers, things like that - so I'm prepared on THAT front, and I'm also in possession of an actual copy of the first Worldweavers book which is GOOD because I"ll have it to wave around at the con, so I'm okay for props. The rest... I'll have to wing it.

Man. Five panels, a signing, a reading, a kaffeeklatsch, and I've promised to do stints at the SFWA table and the Broad Universe table, and there's twenty eight OTHER things going on at the same time, and we have breakfast with the rasfc crowd, and dinner with friends, and lunch with someone else, and Disneyland to fit in somewhere, It's going to be a hellaciously BUSY couple of days.

I'm starting to look forward to it. Maybe the Zone isn't that far away, really, and I'm skating on the frnges of it already...

If anybody reading this is going to be out there and hasn't already got arrangements in place to get together, find me somewhere and holler hello, would you?

(Hypnotic voice: Coooooooome to my reeeeeeeaaaadiiiiing. There's prizes!)

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