anghara (anghara) wrote,

Revisions going well. I have time to play...

A bunch of people on my friends list are doing this, so I'll give it a try: Ask me a question. I'll be either funny or honest in the reply, depending on what you want to know...

guinwhyte: Visited? OOOh. How much time have we got... my favourite city, ever ever ever, is London. I LOVE London. Vancouver and San Francisco come up a close second. Other favourite destinations that I've visited include Moorea (can't beat swimming with dolphins in the SOuth Pacific), Scotland, and Banff. Lived? I loved living in Cape Town. But I absolutely love living exactly where I am right now. The Pacific Northwest is the jewel of the United States, but don't tell anyone I said that because they'll ALL want to move here... places I have never been but would LOVE to visit: Serengeti. The fjords of Norway. And, well, duh, given what I've been writing these last few years: CHINA.

eneit: I could be boring and say a good merlot [grin] But if you want the harder and more exotic stuff, then a good cognac, or calvados. Stuff I can't stand: scotch. Sorry, aficionados, but it smells like medicine to me and i just can't get past that...

dr_pretentious: It's a poem on the subject of a broken alarm clock which I wrote aged 5. My dad still has it.

tapinger: Question A - do you REALISE how many BOOKS I've GOT??? Do I really have to choose...? Well, in the top ten, certainly - Tigana (Guy Gavriel Kay), Lord of the RIngs, the first Amber series by Zelazny, Captain Corelli's Mandolin (Louis de Bernieres), Left Hand of Darkness (Ursula LeGuin)... someone stop me, now...

Question B: Mocha. That is to say, I mix coffee and (preferably) bittersweet or dark chocolate in a single bowl. Yum.

abygael: Hmm, I kind of covered that - at least in terms of Earth - in the first question - but just to keep it interesting... Babylon 5 [grin]

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