anghara (anghara) wrote,

Swings and roundabouts...

Mailbag, 3 August 2006:

- my authors' copies of the SPanish and Catalan editions of "Jin Shei". ALl right, Catalan (and this is the first time I've tripped over the language, ever) looks SERIOUSLY weird - like Spanish with a bad case of French spelling. There are distinct similarities to SPanish, but they're lulling - and just as you thought you had a grip on it, it eels out of your mind and goes *somewhere else* and you're thinking, holy cow, WHERE did this word come from?... Catalan is the first of what I call my Weird Language Collection, languages with which I've had absolutely nothing to do before (the other two are Turkish and Lithuanian) and it's been a trip looking at that familiar book and going "Whuh?" on every line. I have no clue, of course, as to what the translation's like - I'll just have to trust the translator. But I'm tickled to bits. Catalan. Go FIGURE.

- a rejection note from Weird Tales, inviting me to send them other stuff but that the current offering had been "too much of a downer" for them. [blink] Okay. I've got to find something bright and cheerful to send back to Weird Tales.

I"m about a third of the way through the revisions on the novel, and today was a bit of a washout because I had errands that had to be done - mailing some stuff, rdeck had a doctors' appointment, stuff like that. TOmorrow, back to the grindstone. I think I can manage another five or six chapters tomorrow. The thing won't go out on Friday as I had hoped, but the agent will have it in her office on Monday. Good enough.

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