anghara (anghara) wrote,

Frustration is a Halloween pumpkin

Mine was too round for the face I wanted to go on it properly, which means that it's a scrunched-up mess, but it's SUPPOSED to be a monster and I don't care if it DOESN'T look like the monster it was supposed to be it still looks like a monster - albeit a cross-eyed, scrunched-up-nosed (actually, noseless - there was no ROOM for the nose) thing with horns that look like they ought to be its eyes and a mouth that could have been spectacular but now merely looks sullen.


My husband tells me to quit being a perfectionist. At least where pumpkins are concerned. I think that way sanity lies, but when have I ever looked for sanity where it lies...?

My OTHER pumpkin, the "I don't feel well" one which this year is a pale and wan white specimen which works just great, did turn out fine indeed - and it's currently spewing its guts out through its open mouth with all the pumpkin goo taking the place of the stuff that it must have had for dinner last night. The light's gone so I can't take a picture but if the sun is out tomorrow morning I'll snap a few and I might be persuaded to send a copy of the photo to those who email me with the correct password [grin]

(And yes, I know I'm early, but one of my pumpkins was already starting to show a big brown bad spot - so I figured I might as well carve 'em and let them go bad in style, as it were...)

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