anghara (anghara) wrote,

It's HOT.

You happy now, aeriedraconia? *grin*

I sponged down my two cats yesterday afternoon with a wet cloth. They seemed in two minds about it. The long-hair definitely seemed to appreciate it, but not without a couple of wounded looks which eloquently said "NOW look what you've done to my fur!" and then had to lick himself "dry" over the next couple of hours. Poor beasties, with fur coats in the midst of this.

However, to put it in perspective... we have a week of this forecast, and then it's back to normal. And even a heatwave here doesn't go beyond 90F or so, and then it blessedly cools down at night anyway so even that is bearable. I can handle this.

Just don't make me go anywhere below the Mason-Dixon line between March and Christmas...
Tags: it's too damn hot

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