anghara (anghara) wrote,

Omigod a HAWK just landed right outside my office!

Usually there's a commotion of birds and squirrels out there - noises, chitters, chatters, scolds, calls, chirps and warbles galore. I suppose I should have been warned by the sudden ABSENCE of sound, but the first I knew of anything being out of the ordinary was when a distinctly DIFFERENT screech occurred outside my office sliding door - which is open because of the fact that it's close to 90F out there right now - and I turned and saw it come gliding in, perch in a fit of somewhat obvious pique that lunch didn't wait around to be hunted, look around in a disgruntled manner, and then glide off down our backyard slope again.

Oh... like... wow.

Inquiring minds wanted to know what KIND of hawk. Well, I went back to my bird book, and as best I am able to make the identification (given the size of it and the colouring) it was a red-tailed hawk. It looked, in fact, a lot like this.

It hasn't been back, although I've been watching for it. A pretty and magnificent visitor he was, to be sure.
Tags: wildlife report

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