anghara (anghara) wrote,

Inanimate objects, at rest and in motion...

Our dining room lamp disintegrated. No, I mean that quite literally. It apparently fell over with a clatter (I wasn't upstairs when it happened, hubby was) and when inspected it proved to be held together by more or less the fact that it has an electric cord running through it - the rest of it is in pieces all over the show. It's the damndest thing - nobody mistreated that lamp, pushed it around, carried it by its neck or otherwise acted upon it so as to cause this kind of comprehensive falling apart. And I can't actually see any loose things - the only nut I can actually see as being relevant is still in place at the bottom of the lamp base and is tight enough for me not to be able to shift it with pliers - but I can't see anything else that's missing or rattling or, well, guilty. The thing is just - in pieces.

We bought it off a local lamp store about a year and a half ago now, so we'll be taking it there today for a "medical" opinion - but I'm mystified.

In related news, someone brought in a new-fangled air-filter/vaccum to show us. Apparently it sucks up cat hair RIGHT throught the carpet, and it sucks dust out of the air as you vacuum up the cat hair through the carpet. Nifty, eh? Also hard to believe... until you look, after the vacuuming of what you consider to be a relatively clean house is done, into the filter pan and see the muck that this thing has pulled out of my carpets. Yeucch! (It's all Boboko's fault - he's the longhair, and it's very FINE longhair, and it disintegrates into something that's half air and half fairy-spun silk when it drops off his glossy little furry butt...) So now I'm considering replacing our somewhat ageing vacuum with this one, which looks not unlike R2D2 with its wheeled round tubby canister and domed top.

Oh, and on an unrelated note which is completely off topic according to the title of this particualr entry, it's raining outside - for the second straight day without stopping. According to local weather statistics, the average rainfal figure for the month of October around here is 7.7 - we're already at 7.1, and we still have two weeks of the month left to go. Good. We need it....

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