anghara (anghara) wrote,

Pick it up, and pass it on.

I wish for peace

Sometimes I think that despite all apparent evidence to the contrary the human race has NEVER learned to think with anything other than its reptilian brain.

We've all seen them, those images of war. World War One, and young men scythed like corn in pointless battles directed by idiot generals, coughing up green foam from lungs ruined by poison gas - Dulce et decorum est.... World War Two, and the final solution of the mushroom cloud to make a point. Dozens, hundreds even, of other smaller wars - that little girl running down that iconic napalmed road in VietNam, lost limbs, lost eyes, dispossessed hollow-eyed women carrying babies too far beyond redemption to even stir and cry, refugees carrying their lives in a single fraying garbage bag, anti-aircraft fire lacing the night sky like some demonic fireworks display, falling bombs, bright blooms of fire, destroyed hospitals, schools, bridges, lives, ideals.

Once a small part of humanity sang "All we are saying, is give peace a chance".

These days even THAT seems stilled.

All you can see is fire and blowing ashes.

All you can hear is the rattle of gunfire and the distant thunder of explosions.

All you can smell is blood and fear.

All you can taste is defeat.

Amd all you can feel is rage.

It doesn't matter any more who began the killing. It matters very much if anyone is still remotely capable of stopping it.

I wish for peace.

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