anghara (anghara) wrote,

Body language

fjm started the ball rolling with the body image - and the link she posts about the increased obesity in teh USA over the last couple of decades is scary stuff.

I found a handy chart for BMI values here - but there are others on the web and I've done mine with a couple of 'em, and I hover around the 25 mark. Which is kinda borderline.

I probably need to get off my duff a bit more and go hiking or something, there's certainly lots of places to do that around here.

But I got thinking - there was a panel I was on a few cons ago about using heroines (specifically) who were not "blonde and size 3" - there was actually an anthology, as I recall, whose name I cannot quite bring to mind right now, which concentrated on stories about - not to put too fine a point on it - FAT women. Acccording to the woman who jumpstarted and edited the anthology such stories were sufficiently rare for them to be basically sought and gathered and specifically manufactured - as in, who wanted to read about "fat broads", as it were?

But if the statistics are right... most of us ARE "fat broads" these days, at least as far as the accepted standards of beauty are concerned. I'll freely admit to possessing hips of, um, womanly proportions - but screw it, chillun, I IS one, and I haven't had a seventeen year old's body shape since I was, well, maybe twenty four [grin]. The thing is, I define "overweight" as far more radical than a few extra pounds. WHile it is true that there are two incompatible extremes at work out there today - an obsession with thinness to the point of being diseased with it and an obsession with the ease and convenience of instant foods, quick snacks and McJunkfood. They aren't ever going to read to the same destination, those two. Our teenagers survive on burgers and fries and sugar-water colas, and aspire to be Kate Moss, and then binge, or diet to death, or simply cease to care...

There's a novel of a future society waiting to happen. Where's the breaking point? When will these two roads diverge so far that society buckles under the strain of it all?

Feeling a tad poorly today, so I think I'll defer the hiking - we had another (large) mouse in here last night, and I was up from 2:30 to 5:30, and then the cats LOST the damn thing and it's somewhere loose in my house and I'm busy platzing about it, and on top of that I'm just... feeling poorly anyway.

Defer the rest of that chapter until tomorrow when I think I can get my head back together. Assuming they don't mousehunt me to death tonight too. In the meantime, I'll go finish "The Black Powder War".

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