anghara (anghara) wrote,

Thanks one and all for the birthday wishes

Cake was had, and even presents were had, and in a short while we're heading out to dinner at one my favourite restaurants. Today, I have off.

Tomorrow, it's back to the novel. I have the beginning of Chapter 12 bouncing around in my head, it should all come quite fast from now on, I'm getting that "I see the light at the end of the tunnel" rush and I'm getting quite excited about the prospect of reading the thing whole and entire from the beginning and not just chapter-sized bites at a time. It's very much like doing tapestry - you're counting stitches and colours, and you're so involved in doing so that you don't actually see the big design until you put in the last stitch and then hold it away from you to have a good look at it - and you've made something, yeah, and you're damned if you knew at any one single point during the process where you were in it. I'm sure I'll have tweaks that will become self-evident once I've got the book completely done, which are just too buried in counted stitches for me to see right now.

And oh yeah - watch this space - got some news from New York which I am not QUITE at liberty to spill yet, but which came as a cherry on top for the whole birthday thing. Having thus set out the lure and the tease, I promise I'll cough up ASAP. Promise. In fact, can't wait. [grin]

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