anghara (anghara) wrote,

Heaven day

Went out to have brunch with a friend who was visiting Seattle from Boulder, and who drove all the way up to Bellingham to spend a few hours with us. We finished brunch and repaired (where else?) to the local bookshop where Books Were Bought (siiiiiigh...) and then she had to go because her flight back home was at 5 and she needed to be at the airport by 3:30.

So we waved her goodbye and drove to our new favourite organic fruit and veg market shop... which, we discovered, was closed on Sundays. Well, who knew. But I need to get some salad fixin's for to make a salad for the 4th of July BBQ we've been invited to so I'll go scooting back tomorrow morning for those. No prob.

Came home, had a lovely home afternoon, and the day was just perfect, perfect, perfect - one of those summer days when it's warm but not sweltering, and I would up sitting outside on the deck in the shifting shadows of our big maples, reading, while squirrels of different species and a bunch of bluejays skirmished for possession of the feeder and deer wandered through the bottom of the garden. Then I came in, and we had supper, and we watched some TV, and now I'm here checking mail and generally taking a bit of down time before, tomorrow, I return from my salad-fixins trip and settle down to finishing chapter 11. After that, I have only four more chapters to go and I think i can manage to do that by the first week of August. WHich gives me a week to go through the whole MS, fix first-pass boo boos, and basically send it off to New York before I leave for ANaheim on the 22nd.

Heaven day.

If I may wax philosophical for just a moment here, this is the kind of day that centers me. I am... someone specific, someone with a defined life, defined rewards, defined responsiblities, I have friends who think nothing of crossing three counties to come and spend a few hours with me, and that makes me very happy because I treasure such friends and I am proud and grateful that they reciprocate. I spend time with a life-mate who loves me and whom I love, and that is immeasurably wonderful, because on some level I am deeply aware of how many people never get that chance. I have a home which I am positively in love with, and I cannot even speak of the pure and golden contentment of just sitting out there on the deck in the midst of the summer woods and basically...dreaming. I have a life's work which I love doing, and which I am still gobsmacked at this particular life's consenting to be lived by me. If it all collapsed tomorrow I think I could go on knowing that somewhere, somehow, someway, the Gods of Destiny have consented to give me a single sip of what must be the elixir of paradise.

Happy days, everyone.

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