anghara (anghara) wrote,

Cheerio, June!

Not much done today, friends from back down South passed through town on their way up to Canada and stopped by for munch - passed a contented afternoon showing off my paradise and basking in envy. (They're from FLORIDA. Yanno. That place where the hurricanes blow.) I'm going to take a stab at finishing my bankruptcy chapter... (I'm working on Chapter 11... rdeck said, "You've done better than *that*,", but I never look a gift pun in the mouth...) and after I do this, I have four chapters left, two of which are very closely interrelated and VERY fast paced so I shuold have them done pretty much in one breath leaving me two to finish off the first draft of the book before Worldcon, as I had hoped to do and which is now looking more than feasible.

I REALLY want to send this one off to my agent before I leave for the con...

In wildlife reports, we've had woodpeckers, about five or six squirels, a bunch of bluejays, and a momma deer with two tiny tiny fawns which looekd as though they might have been born a week ago.

And tomorrow, it's July.

Sixty two days until September [grin]
Tags: visitors to paradise, wildlife report, writing

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