anghara (anghara) wrote,

So, then - it's come around again -

- or it will soonish. The Birthday. The - lessee now - fourth anniversary of my 39th birthday is about to roll around in less than two weeks now, straight after the fireworks that the United States is always so kind as to put up for me on the eve of my birthday, ever so nice of them, that [grin]

There's been a few folks I've seen on blogs and suchlike with posts along the lines of, "if anyone wants to send me anything for my birthday, my address is..." -

- but I'm not going to do that.

I'm going to kind of, you know, pull a Hobbit trick. Well, in a way.

If you want to do something nice for me for my birthday, if you're willing and able to do so, go out and buy a copy of "The Secrets of Jin Shei" and give it to a friend. If you let me know your own address via email, I'll even send you a signed bookplate to stick in the book. For the price of a trade paperback, you get to do two things that are absolutely priceless - you get to give a book for a present (which is always a good deed) and you give me equity in my career.

I know that quite a few of you on my friends list have already done this, some of you multiple times - and I love you guys for it, and certainly if you're already on record as having handed a copy of that book to someone you've already done your part, and then some. But those of you who might consider doing something like this, fair warning - you might have to do a wee bit of hunting for a copy, or get your bookshop to order one in, or order online yourself, here or here.

So, there. If anybody wants to do something nice for me for my birthday, there it is.

Of course, if you just wave in passing and holler happy birthday, that's fine. I'll be right here with my chcocolate cake, waving back at you.

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