anghara (anghara) wrote,

Does anyone out there ever quite comprehend their royalty statements...?

Just got my half-yearly batch from assorted Harper Collins departments dealing with the current crop of books out there. Interesting tidbits include the fact that "The Hidden Queen" is out there in a grand total of 75 E-books, in various formats, and "Changer of Days" has 36 E-books in total - the paperbacks, released in April and May of this year respectively, have sold just over 10 000 copies and about 9500 copies respectively.

Since May 1.

But wait a moment. This is a statement for the six-month period ending June 30 2005 - so essentially the sales figures for "Changer of days", for instance, are the sales for *two months*. This, if I am understanding it correctly, is still not the kind of level of sales that catapults a book into the New York Bestseller lists, but if I extrapolate these figures and say that this makes it about 4000 copies a month for "Changer", and if this keeps up for any length of time by the time the next royalty statement comes in the book will have earned back its advance. This makes me rather happy...

In a similar period, the paperback edition of "Jin Shei" (released mid-April this year) has been selling steadily if not spectacularly. I might point people to a couple of new reviews that turned up on the web this week, at

You guys out there need to buy more books [grin] but on the whole things appear to be going okay.

If, that is, I am reading these royalty statements right. They appear to make it a point to wrap them in lots of esoteric little details which require close scrutiny to figure out...

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