anghara (anghara) wrote,

If there's really a good excuse for summer...'s cherries.

I can't wait for the cherry season, and when it does come I am perfectly capable of eating a bowl of cherries at a sitting. rdeck still remembers the first time we bought cherries, when I moved to the States - we bought a quantity which he thought would last a week. They were gone by the end of the day. These days he sneaks a cherry or two from the bowl when I'm not looking, or accepts my offer of one while I'm hugging the bowl to myself saying something along the lines of "I value my life" (as in, yours, all yours, I won't get in between you and your cherries...)

Well, they're still brand new and still very pricey, but do you really think I could walk past a pile of 'em in the store and NOT buy them?

The first cherries of the season.


In other news, Words Were Committed - not as many as I'd like and they were squished into the afternoon when I came back from the car service place where they were hunting for my oil leaks (and didn't apparently find anything that haemorrhaged sufficiently for the patient - the car - to be declared seriously ill - but it makes ME feel better that they looked...) And if I am lucky, I can manage to snaffle this chapter away by the end of the weekend.

Which still leaves me a chunk of work to do but I can glimpse the end now and it's all downhill from here.

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