anghara (anghara) wrote,

I don't think I"ll be seeing much of y'all for the next few days...

The proofs of Book 1 of the new YA turned up on my doorstep today (where they sat in the rain for a while before we came home - just as well they were in a waterproof envelope).

I aim to go through them in the next couple of days, over the weekend, but YEEIKES - the beast weighs in at 389 pages. That's just about precisely the girth of the US edition of "The Hidden Queen, which wasn't exactly what I've recently heard referred to as a Fantasy Cube but it was a respectably-sized paperback, and that was technically aimed at the adult reading public. Here's my first YA and it's definitely not an anorexic little volume beside its more "grown up" siblings.

I haven't looked at it very closely yet but I can tell you that it's going to be a handsome book when it's between its covers. It's looking pretty damn good to me at a cursory glance.

Back to stuff like paying bills, now - I swear, it's a curse, my desk is never free of them. The moment I pay the last one and go to mail it, I pick up three more at the post office. Sigh.
Tags: writing, writing life

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