anghara (anghara) wrote,

Wiscon or bust

Well, I still have to gather up sundry things and pack everything and all that - but we're travelling all day tomorrow,and it's unlikely that I will be doing LJ tomorrow, at the very least, and then very sporadically if at all while I'm away at the con (constraints of both time - being as I'll be busy with other things - and access - as I am not taking my laptop with me this time it's a question of using one of the Concourse's two machines in the business center whenever there's a gap, as it were). So I'll be posting short updates as and when able, and beyond that, unless I sneak on again later today, the next post will be post-Wiscon. So to speak.

I'd tell you to play nicely while I'm gone but it seems that a substantial portion of my friends list is going to BE at Wiscon anyway... :)

See y'all later.
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