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Here's the thing. THis morning, waking up, lying there with my eyes still closed AND STILL THREE QUARTERS ASKLEEP, my on-going dream went into... fast forward mode. I kid you not, it was like those "next week on your favourite show" clips that sometimes happen at the tail end of an episode you just finished watching. A bunch of disconnected fragmentary fast-changing shots that promise to carry the plot you are following forward into some future you haven't (quite) seen yet.

And yes this is not an unusual or an unfamiliar thing in real life - we have all seen it in TV, and occasionally been annoyed by it (stop teasing! Just show us the next episode when you show us the next episode!) - but I don't think I have ever had it happen to me while I was dreaming.

I no longer remember the dream I was having at the time in sufficient detail to know whether or not it is going to "follow up" in the manner that seemed to be promised. I mean, I've had "serial dreams" before - the kind where some story simply picked up where I had left off. But this doesn't feel like one of those. It would have been interesting to see if my brain was showing me "trailers", though. Just saying.

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