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New anthology now live!

My friend prof_brotherton a.k.a. Professor Mike Brotherton, also known as the science fiction writer Mike Brotherton, who is the heart and the guiding hand of the NASA-sponsored astronomy workshop for writers in Laramie, WY (I was privileged to attend that last year, and those of you who want to know more can read up the account on my
blog, the summary of the week is here.

Mike has put together an online anthology of stories which are based on real, honest-to-goodness science and astronomy. The antho is now live, and it contains stories by such writers as maryrobinette (the recipient of the 2008 Campbell award), davidlevine, Geoffrey Landis, and a stellar line-up of other writers, including a contribution by yours truly (a rare outing, because I don't often write either short stories or pure science fiction, but that's how inspiring Launchpad was. So there.)

So if you want to read some cool new stories that will also leave you better informed about life, the Universe (literally) and everything, go swing by and take a look.

Oh, and Mike is now taking applications for Launchpad 2009. If you remotely think you might qualify, I would encourage you to rush in your application now. I can guarantee you a mind-blowing experience if you should be so fortunate as to get in.

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